Experience 3 different countries through Sweden and Finland's Arctic tundra and magnificent Norwegian fjords - Arctic Trail 2020

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  • Duration: 5 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Kiruna, Lapland
  • Product code: PHBSDC

Experience 3 different countries through Sweden and Finland's Arctic tundra and magnificent Norwegian fjords - Arctic Trail 2020



18th - 22nd March

25th - 29th March

1st to 5th of April

8th - 12th of April (Easter)


Day 1

On arrival at Kiruna Airport, the guide welcomes you in the arrivals lounge for further transport to Kiruna C for personal registration.

Check-in at Máttaráhkká - Northen Lights Lodge where you will also be equipped with snowmobile helmet, balaclava, two-piece hooded snow jacket, shoes, mittens, and goggles.  Safety review of snowmobile tracks and safety equipment and also an action plan in case of accidents. After the tour, we will drive on a shorter snowmobile tour where you get to know the snowmobile before tomorrow's magnificent adventure. After the tour a warm sauna and a 2-course dinner await you at the lodge.


Day 2

After a solid breakfast buffet, we pack together the equipment on the snowmobiles that take us through the low mountains and the Swedish arctic tundra. Our final destination is 180 kilometres away. Upon arrival in the small village of Kilpisjärvi, which borders Norway and Sweden, a wood-fired sauna, icebox and 3-course dinner awaits. Overnight stay at the hotel.


Day 3

During the snowmobile driving from Finland and in neighboring Norway, you will experience the magnificent nature with steep mountainsides that plunge straight down into the cold ocean next to Hatteng. After lunch, we drive to the fishing paradise Rostujávri where we end the day after about 170 kilometers of wonderful snowmobiling with wood-fired sauna and dinner.  Accommodation in mountain huts in an uninhabited country.


Day 4

From the fishing paradise Rostujávri we cross tundra down to the forest land and aim at Jukkasjärvi where we visit the world-famous ICEHOTEL which offers a fairytale world made of ice and snow in the finest form.


After the visit to ICEHOTEL, we park the snowmobiles for the day and now it's time to saddle up your own dog team. Tucked in with the sled dogs you cross the Torne River and after the taiga forest, you'll discover your wilderness camp where a real gourmet dinner awaits. In the evening you warm yourself in the wood-fired sauna after you cross both the mountains and the forest, about 190 kilometers.


Day 5

Wake up to howling sled dogs. After you have enjoyed the breakfast with a wonderful view of the forest country, the day will consist of driving your own team of sled dogs back to the kennel in the small village, Jukkasjärvi. From here we drive snowmobiles to the starting point, Máttaráhkká Northen Lights Lodge where we finish this 560-kilometer long journey that has taken us through 3 different countries, across the mountain, and through the Norwegian fjord. With memories to last you for life, you will be transported by minibus to Kiruna Airport.

  • Note: The driver needs to have a valid driving license.


Price: 34,000Sek per person

The price includes:

- Own snowmobile with full insurance      

- Loans of snowmobile helmet, two-piece hooded jacket, shoes, mittens, goggles, and balaclava

- 4 overnight stays with full board from dinner Wednesday to lunch Sunday

-  Run your own sled dog team


Useful to know       

You must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid driving license     

The experience stretches over about 560 kilometers

You do not need to have previous experience of managing your own snowmobile and your own sled dog team, but you should be in good physical health

The guides may implement a different journey plan than that described after conducting risk assessments, in part due to the weather